200 Series Video Overview

Stiffy Tool Overview

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Stiffy 200 series low voltage supports work
because they were designed and engineered for real-world jobsite solutions.


Stiffy 200 data communication supports
are engineered as an pre-fabricated assembly
saving valuable field labor.


Assemblies easily install from the ground with
CEAS overhead installation tools which increases productivity and are much safer than ladders.


Fewer Installation Steps. The Stiffy DATACOM
rigid connection eliminates the need to attach to
ceiling grid. No need to revisit the support.


Pre-staked with several engineered
attachment options for any DATACOM concrete, metal, steel or wood applications.


Submittal documents are stamped and signed by
a Structural Engineer. Stiffy DATACOM assemblies are UL listed and buy American Act compliant.

Jobsite Problem – Stiffy Solution

Jobsite Problem, Typical T-Bar Installation

Jobsite Problem

Typical T-Bar Installation

Step 1 – Install Ceiling Wire

Step 2 – Climb up a ladder and attach the data support

Step 3 – Climb up a ladder and install the cable

Step 4 – Install Restraint Clip

Step 5 – Return to the location (after the T-bar Grid is installed), climb a ladder and attach the banana clip. (Per NEC 300.11)

Installer must revisit every support

Stiffy Support Solution

Stiffy Solution

Fig 200 Comfort Cradle

Step 1 – Install the Stiffy from the ground

Pre-assembled $AVE$ labor

Step 2 – Climb up a ladder and attach the data support

No need to revisit – The rigid connection to the structure satisfies the requirements of NEC 300.11.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!!!

Job Site ProblemStiffy Solution
Engineered as an assemblyNoYes
NEC300.11 compliantYes. Only when a Banana Clip is used to secure the wire to the T-bar Grid.Yes
Pre-staked with several Engineered Attachment optionsNoYes
UL listed engineered attachment options for concrete, wood, metal and steelNoYes
Quick to installNo. Very labor intensive to install the batwing clips. Also, per NEC300.11 the ceiling wire must be secured at the top as well as bottom which requires a second trip to the same location.Yes
Wall Racks
Wall Racks
Stiffy Trapeze
Stiffy Trapeze
Stiffy Installation Tools
Stiffy Installation Tools

Construction Engineered Attachment Solutions

Construction Engineered Attachment Solutions (CEAS) a division of Tomarco Contractor Specialties, we have been creating labor saving attachment solutions for over 40 years. CEAS offers installers a wide array of custom support solutions for low voltage Data Communications Cabeling applications that have re-established the bar for the industry.

Each Stiffy support is made specifically to order. Our distributors carry a limited inventory because most products are produced on a just-in-time basis. The CEAS manufacturing department has the ability to custom fabricate supports quickly and accurately. Most orders ship from our manufacturing facility within 24 to 48 hours from the time the order is received. This enables contractors to custom tailor their support packages for each project.

CEAS is an affiliate of ISAT Seismic Bracing, an industry leader in pre-engineered seismic bracing systems for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors. ISAT employs an extensive engineering and technical support staff, including Structural Engineers with stamps in most states.

CEAS products work on jobsites because they’re designed on jobsites. When unique product applications arise, CEAS has the ability to react quickly with prototypes and provide engineered product submittals that are approved by a Structural Engineer.

Contact your local CEAS distributor during the preconstruction phase of your next project. We will help to create the most labor saving and cost effective engineered attachment solution specific to your application.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Stiffy 200 Series Ordering Information

To order or to learn more about Stiffy 200 Series Low Voltage Supports DATACOM cabeing solutions, call (877) 466-CEAS or visit CEASattachments.com